Beatsy Immersive Wave visualizer

A new immersive 3D music visualizer for Beatsy

An ARKit Wishlist

A wishlist for augmented reality development on iOS

Face Drop

An augmented reality take on the humble selfie

Code 20/20: Return 2 Zero

Code 20/20: Return 2 Zero

In which Code 20/20 gets a new logo and a new website but no cinematic universe… yet!

The Beatsy app clip program for augmented aural excellence

Calling all musicians


Sample iOS app that demonstrates how to easily capture the texture of a user’s face in realtime

WarpAR 1.1 — Distorting the world with your hands

You got the touch! You got the power!


iOS augmented reality app for warping the world

Pic Plane 1.1

Simple dolly zooms and other perspective effects using video recording

Pic Plane

Augmented reality photography