Fire-Toolz AR musical experience for Beatsy

Today I’m excited to announce the new Fire-Toolz augmented reality musical experience for Beatsy! This experience was created in collaboration with Fire-Toolz and features AR effects designed for a song off of her latest album.



To view this augmented reality experience, simply visit this link on any modern iOS device and tap the View button at the top of the screen or the View App Clip button in the panel that pops up. No need to install Beatsy first!

The experience showcases the lyrics of the song and includes particle effects, vibrant flowing colors, and Beatsy’s unique world distorting effects. The video above was captured on an iPhone 12 Pro, which can distort three dimensional surfaces in your world thanks to the device’s LiDAR sensor. If you’re on an iPhone without a LiDAR sensor, you’ll instead be asked to place the effect on a flat surface that will be distorted.

One minor detail that I’m nevertheless quite proud of: the text for the lyrics can intersect with the real world:

Notice how the virtual lyrics look like they emerge from the real wall. It's the little things that I love

Notice how the virtual lyrics look like they emerge from the real wall. It’s the little things that I love

Augmented reality music video style experiences like this are neat because they are interactive and shaped by your environment. You can view the Fire-Toolz effect from any angle and walk around it like it is really there in physical space. I also had a fun time going around Seattle finding interesting surfaces to distort using it.

Fans can also easily use these AR musical experiences in their own creative work. You can capture photos and videos of Fire-Toolz experience in action using the full Beatsy App. It’s all much more interactive and personal feeling that a traditional music video.

One final note: if you enjoy the Fire-Toolz experience, share it with your friends over iMessage by tapping the share icon in the app (you can also just share the link When your friend receives the message, they will be able to launch the experience directly from iMessage without having to install Beatsy first. Neat!

So give the new Fire-Toolz AR experience a try. If you enjoy it, the best way to support us so that we can continue making stuff like this is to share Beatsy with your friends. If you’re feeling extra generous, App Store reviews always help too!

PS This experience is just the first of what will hopefully be many more Beatsy musical collaborations. If you are an musician and wish to showcase your work using Beatsy, please get in touch.