iOS app for sharing short audio messages paired with augmented reality effects

The Thought Terminator

An AI assistant that completes my thoughts for me

Beatsy 1.16

A look a Beatsy’s latest update and two new AR music visualizers

Virtual Disembodiment

AR app connecting fleshy spheres up to haptic vest

The New Colossus at Five

A look back at Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus five years after the Second American Revolution

Augmented Reality Shadowgraphery

A demo of augmented reality shadowgraphery

I Pick You

New AR musical experience for Beatsy

Non-Flesh Tokens

Collection of 308 NFTs, each representing a unique block of two ultra-high resolution, full-body portraits

Heavy Metal: A Review

In which you watch the 1981 cult classic Heavy Metal

Fire-Toolz AR musical experience for Beatsy

Introducing the |ØFF| 2 Łos† Vagus Fire-Toolz augmented reality musical experience for Beatsy