The Thought Terminator

The age of AI is upon us and I for one am ready. After toiling away for eons, now humanity can sit back and let our fresh-faced silicon brethren lighten our load. In fact, I’ve already offloaded some of my boring tasks to AI, such as emailing emails and coding code. But why stop there? Why not let the AIs help with the other banalities of life too? I dream of a day when the AIs will drive my drives for me, chore my chores, cook my cooks, and perhaps even fuck my fucks, all as I drift about in some sort of ethereal, exquisitely perfumed pleasuredome of higher existence.

I must admit however that all this dreaming of cyber-Xanadus has really been taxing my organic circuitry. Ahh, if only there were a solution for that… Oh but of course there is: AI! If AI can already help me write, surely it could also help automate mundane cognitive tasks like dreaming. But why stop there? Why not automate all thinking?

And so I recently banged together a prototype AI assistant that completes my thoughts for me. It’s basically autocomplete but for thoughts. Simply start speaking a thought aloud and the AI finishes the rest. Easy. Once you’ve tried it you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Live demo of the AI assistant completing my thoughts in my own voice. Despite what the tone of this post may suggest, this is a working prototype (although it takes a few seconds to formulate a voice response at the moment). Often during filming, I was just as surprised as anyone to learn what I was thinking…

With the assistant, you don’t even have to think more than a few words. Just toss out a, “I was thinking …”, or perhaps a, “I wonder …” and let the AI finish the rest, freeing up your pathetic little meat brain to do whatever it is that pathetic little meat brains do.

While the prototype is far from perfect (as is to be expected by all things built by the hand of man), it’s already confidently speaking in my voice, and I’m just as confident that it’s already thinking my thoughts far better than I ever could. It even thought that last thought for me! Wow. Just imagine where this tech will be in few years. Well actually you won’t have to imagine because the AI will handle that for you too.