Beatsy: 1.8

Beatsy 1.8 is out with a new color warping music visualizer.


Demo music from Dallas Campbell

The new “Immersive Color” visualizer sends out 3D waves of color in response to your music. Beatsy uses LiDAR depth data to make it look like the waves are spreading over the surfaces around you.

You can also customize the colors the visualizer uses as well as their intensity to fit the current music. An upbeat synthwave track may look best with magentas and cyans and neons for example, while you may want to switch over to reds and blacks for some darksynth.

You can even adjust the background color of the scene. Turn up the background fully and it will replace the standard camera feed, resulting in an abstract scene where the waves of color/sound reveal the world’s geometry around you. It’s pretty neat, and exploring your surroundings with this effect can be pretty trippy!

You can create a huge range of effects and feelings by fiddling with the settings for “Immersive Color”. As always, let me know if you create anything fun using Beatsy!