Beatsy: 1.7

Beatsy 1.7 is out!


The big new feature in this update is iPad support and a specialized UI that takes full advantage of larger screens. If you have a more recent iPad, the visualizers now run at 120Hz too. The high frame-rate and big screen really make Beatsy’s world distorting music visualizers shine.

However the update also includes a few new features for small screen users. For starters, the UI now respects light and dark appearance instead of hardcoding a dark UI. I also split up the capture button, so now there’s a one button for stills and one for video. This should improve discoverability of video recording.

And while on the subject, I’ve also completely rewritten how video recording implemented. Video recording should now perform much better, even on older devices like iPhone 6s. You can also now easily trim captured videos before saving or sharing them.

One final note: Beatsy now has a website. Very official!

The website is part of Rare Realities, a new company that I just spun up. My hope is that this company will let me expand my work around AR. If you have any fun AR project in mind or any business opportunities, let me know.