Pic Plane 1.1

Simple dolly zooms and other perspective effects using video recording

Pic Plane

Augmented reality photography

Beatsy App Clip Codes

Using stickers for music discovery


iOS augmented reality app that lets you distort real world surfaces as if they were made of water

Code 2020

A year’s worth of daily VS Code tips and tricks

In The Walls 1.4: The I'm So Floored Update

Look at the 1.4 update for In The Walls: An AR app for iOS about distorting surfaces with your face


An augmented reality music visualizer for iOS. Shape the world with your music.

The war we forgot in our embrace of streaming

Thoughts on how DRM was perfected in plain sight and the risks streaming poses to culture.

In The Walls 1.3: The balls to the walls update

Distorting walls with 3D snapshots from the front facing camera.

The Plus One Bump

The most nerdy song of the Halloween season.