WarpAR 1.1 — Distorting the world with your hands

The 1.1 update for warpAR is out now, sporting a new interactive surface feature that lets you just reach out with your hands to warp up the real world. Check out the video below to see what this looks like in action.


WarpAR runs great on all iPhones but the interactive surface feature requires a device with a LiDAR sensor—such as the iPhone 12 Pro. On supported devices, interactive surface can be enabled under the ... menu.

The cool part about warpAR is that the distortion is applied in world space, so it persists even as you move around. It’s really neat to be able to walk up to a wall, swirl the colors around with your hands, and then step back to admire the results.

WarpAR is available for free in the app store. Let me know if you have any feedback, and be sure to share anything cool you create using it.