Code 20/20: Return 2 Zero

While 2020 is now solidly the past, the future of Code 20/20 has never looked sharper thanks to a new logo and new website!



Code 20/20 began as a series of daily VS Code tips and tricks. Here in 2021, I’ve dialed the postings back to a more manageable two or three per week, but the project has definitely continued.

Since the start, Code 20/20 has always been a no-nonsense affair. The videos get straight to the point—eschewing intro graphics and the customary “what’s up YouTube…”. The videos also generally stick to facts, without too much in the way of personal opinion. This is the type of content that I find most valuable, but it can also make the larger project feel a bit dry. I felt that an eye catching logo would be a fun way to inject some personality into Code 20/20, without compromising the content itself.

For me, the name “Code 20/20” invokes visions of 80s films about computers and inspires neon laced dreams of a lost Italian sci-fi masterpiece called “CODE 2020!”. As a fan of those particular genres, I thought it would be great fun to commission a logo inspired by them too.

The new Code 20/20 logo was created by Alessandro Strickner and I couldn’t be more happy with the result. You can see the full version below, while features a text version.

Astute observers may even notice a few essential bits of VS Code in the background! Just amazing work all around.

Don’t worry though: I’ll try not to let the new logo go to my head. The format and content of Code 20/20 is staying the same, just with a bit more steel and lasers lurking in the background.


The new website brings together the hundreds of VS Code tips and tricks I’ve built-up over the past year and half.

The website mostly serves as a fancy view of a YouTube playlist at the moment. You can browse through VS Code tips by when they were posted or by tag, and I plan on adding other improvements in the future. Most importantly, lets me build a more specialized experience independently of the big platforms, even though I plan on continuing to post Code 20/20 content to YouTube and Twitter for the foreseeable future.

Another secondary benefit is that there’s now an official way to submit ideas for tips too!

The future!

While Code 20/20 has never looked better, the fundamentals aren’t changing. My goal with this project is still to teach you new things about VS Code quickly and efficiently. I’ve enjoyed create Code 20/20 and hope you’ve enjoyed it as well.

If you’ve found Code 20/20 helpful, please let me know what type of content you’d like to see more of and if you have any suggestions.