I U+2764 #Everything

After @_LovedArt was banned yesterday for sending Twitter users love directly, I still had lots of love to share. So I decided to declare my love for all the hashtags on Twitter instead.

@_lovedHArt is a Twitter bot that picks a random hashtag and declares, “I ❤️ #TOPIC”, once every five minutes. The bot maintains history so as to only love each topic once. See the bot in action over @_lovedHArt

As you can see, the bot has already more than paid off.

Source code and instructions for running the bot are on Github.


Social media engagement.

Does the bot discriminate?

@_lovedHArt loves everything equally. It unconditionally loves and whole heartedly supports each topic for five minutes, before moving on and never mentioning that topic again.

Really, isn’t this still spam?

No. What company doesn’t want their lame #campaign loved? What #movement would turn down another supporter? And what lowly user would not smile to see their forced new #meme get some much deserved attention?