The Whole Rainbow

Update 2 - Confirmed: Instagram hates rainbows. The script mysteriously stops and starts working, with the uploads succeeding but the images being insta deleted. Switched over the Twitter @wholerainbow instead since their public API is not so intentionally crippled. You can find the original Instagram logic in the Instagram code branch.

Update - Now continuing work at @thewholerainbow2 since the original mysteriously stopped working.

@wholerainbow is an Instagram Twitter account that posts an image of a new solid color every five minutes, slowly working its way through all 16,777,216 24bit RGB colors.

It should finish sometime in the 2170s, but we’ll all be dead by then. You will never see the whole rainbow, but you may make it to around #888888 if you’re lucky.

If you notice that @thewholerainbow has stopped uploading, feel free to use the source code from github to continue its mission.

Rainbow on!