I U+2764 Everyone

Update Alas! banned after a mere 31 messages. But I’ve seen the error of my ways and created a new bot to continue spreading love to #everything.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to use Twitter to send a personal and heartfelt message of love to each and every one of my 300 million fellow creatures. But, as much as I love all of you, the prospect of actually typing out 300 million tweets was just not that appealing, so instead I told my computer how to share love on my behalf.

@_LovedArt is a simple Twitter bot that builds up a database of sad, lonely, little users and, once every five minutes, picks a lucky lover for whom the bot tweets, “@USER, I ❤️ you”. Each user will be loved at most once. At this rate, the bot should finish its first iteration in around 3000 years.

Source and instructions on how to run this bot yourself are on github.


Why not? The world needs more love.

Isn’t this spam?

No, the bot is designed to only contact users once. It also runs at a very low rate so as to not consume many of Twitter’s resources. Nothing is being sold and there are no malicious intentions. All this bot does is post, “I ❤️ you”, slowly working its way through the entire community of active Twitter users. That’s it. Seriously.

I feel that this bot uses Twitter as it was intended, and improves the Twitter community by making it a more loving and random place.

Will Twitter consider this spam?

Probably. A fun, little bot like this will most likely be banned after a few hours, while advertisers are free to spew all sorts of shit at users. So it goes.

Anyone is free to continue the mission of @_LovedArt if it falls by banhammer. Love conquers all.