blueframe is a small experiment that splices single frames of pornography into gifs. The added frame flashes by so quickly as almost to be subliminal.

Nobody knows they saw it but they did — *Fight Club*

Nobody knows they saw it but they did — Fight Club

Rather appropriately, blueframe was inspired by an obscure bit of pop culture ephemera, with the entire project being little more than a digital remix of an idea proposed some 20+ years ago in Fight Club. In that film, the character of Tyler is introduced through a vignette about his job as a film projectionist, an admittedly shitty job in which Tyler nonetheless finds opportunity for expression, namely by splicing frames of pornography into family films. So 90s. Love it.

While this style of remixing is certainly darkly comedic, a digital take on Tyler’s hobby also seemed like a good way to explore some rather interesting topics that are even more relevant in the gif age. blueframe comes from the place where the cats are always nyaning and the cage is forever burning, where Max Headroom and Max Hardcore live next to each other in the search suggestions, and where the meme text rolls on and where it’s all just pornography.