interleave.gif is a small experiment in interleaving the frames of two gifs. The resulting gifs are usually pretty strobe but sometimes the effect can be fun.

The site allows you to interleave any two gifs from Giphy, and configure how frames from each are interleaved and scaled. The default behavior evenly distributes the frames of the two gifs. For example, if gif A has 6 frames and gif B has 2 frames, the resulting gif has the following frame sequence:

A0 A1 A2 B0 A3 A4 A5 B1

You can find information about the interleaving and scaling options in the documentation. I find that the best results alternate frames in such a way that your brain combines them into a weird new animation.

And although this experiment is not nearly as interesting as I had hoped—especially compared to some of my other experiments with gifs—it’s a good stepping stone for another take on gif interleaving that I have in mind. More details on that to come.


Check out blueframe for the other take on interleaving mentioned at the end of this post.