We Are Our Own Pornography

We Are Our Own Pornography is a short film project that explores technology, sexuality, and pornography. In the film, two actresses wear VR headsets that stream video from a camera mounted over a bed. The overhead camera is the same one that you look through in the video. Using this setup, they then act out a fairly standard “lesbian” pornographic scene. The video below is a stylized presentation of that scene.

The film features Juliette March and Riley Reyes and was produced with Anatomik media. They really did most of the work here, I just provided the frame idea and handled technical support.

The music is You are a Firework by GLOOMCVLT.

This continues an exploration of what I’m calling modded reality, which looks at using technology to change or remix one’s sensory experience of the world. This project looks at technology’s role in sexual experiences and in pornography itself, as well as concepts such as the hyperreal quality of sex in media.

A follow-up post covers the reasons why I created the piece, as well as my uncertainty about the creation and presentation of it. That post also contains a more traditional cut of the film, which captures many of the same ideas as the stylized edit but which I also felt requires a bit more context.