The Theremin-X Project — A Proposal

Trying something a bit different. I need your help funding what I’m calling the Theremin X Project. It should be awesome and I hope we can make it happen. Here’s the pitch:

Basic idea: we’re going to use a theremin to control a bunch of vibrators. The pitch and volume of the theremin will control vibration strength and patterns. Then we’re going to make a video of this setup being used for a surreal concert.

I’m asking for funding because I want to make sure this project is done well, and that means it is going to be expensive compared to anything that I’ve worked on before. We’re planning to get a professional theremin player and some great actors for the video, and we also will need some additional equipment (specifically, a few more vibrators and the equipment required to hook up a pro theremin to them). So I’m asking for $4000 to help cover some of these expenses. I’ve already prototyped the basic hardware and am in talks to find the theremin player and actors.

The delivered product will be the video. I can’t promise it will be good but I will try my best and hope it will a least be something little different. It’s also important to note that the the video will not be pornographic despite the subject matter. I’m going to publish under a CC non commercial license. I have no plans to make any money from it (including from ads).

It’s difficult for me to try asking for support because I’m no good at selling. I mean, just look at that video and just look at this post. More honestly though, I worry that no one will care. And that’s hard because, even though this project is a little silly, I really do think that it could be something special and wish I could help other people could see it the way I do.

So here’s my best sales pitch: the world needs theremin sex; the world needs the Theremin X Project. I hope you agree.

If you also want to see this happen, donate over on IndieGogo.