GIFAKIRA is small project converting every shot of Akira 1988 into a gif. The website lets you browse and share these gifs, or just watch them in an endless stream.


Why Akira

Akira is a great fit for gifs. It’s a great film for starters, with some really great animation. And yet it is also much simpler visually than modern anime. Most shots are static or slow pans, and there are very few transitions besides a handful of dissolves.

The animation’s more limited color palette and broad swaths of solids also fit the limitations of the gif format.

The gifs capture the entirety of each shot. Most shots a few seconds long and stand surprisingly well on their own, or at least communicate some larger part of the story. Some even naturally loop.

Not to mention, besides some beautiful scenes, the film has some fun reaction shots and many other giffable moments.

And with sites like giphy making it easy for anyone to browse millions of gifs covering every possible situation, I find it interesting to think about what you can say using a curated, hyper-focused set of symbols. Thus, GIFAKIRA.