DNA Print Open House

Next weekend is your one and only chance to experience the human genome printed on paper tape in person!

Key Information


March 17th. One to five PM.


14007 Lake City Way in Seattle.




The DNA Print project is an attempt to print human genome on paper tape. See the project overview more information.

The two punches have been running off-and-on for a few weeks now, and we’ve printed a little over 1% of the human genome. There’s been good progress on chromosomes one and four, plus some initial work on everyone’s favorite chromosome: X.

As for the event itself, there’s going to be piles of paper tape you can look at and take photos of. The punches will be running too, which should be quite thrilling. All in all, it’s probably the most exciting way to spend your Saint Patrick’s day.

Getting there

Follow directions to 14007 Lake City Way. Look for the sign that says: “Lake City Auto Rebuild”. The building itself looks like this:

You can park in front of the building or along the street next to it.

Look for the door with the 14007 above it. If it isn’t open, there will be a phone number posted that you can call or text to get let in.

Gift shop

After five, all the paper tape is up for grabs. Bring a contractor bag.

PS: If you have a public space in the Seattle area and are interested in continuing the DNA print project yourself, please contact me.