Theremin-X — An Update

Alas! the Theremin-X project crowdfunding campaign failed to meet its admittedly rather lofty goals. I have however decided to ignore this sign and press on. Everything is starting to come together and we are targeting June for the shoot itself. And while I have no clue how this project will turn out, creating it should be an adventure.

Plus merchandising is always where the real funding is to be found, and to that end I recently completed a set Theremin-X project letterpress prints. These were printed in two passes: the X was printed using acrylic, while the text was metal type.

I also decided to go full goth and print with black ink on black paper. This makes the design nearly invisible in direct light but clear when viewed from an angle. It’s a pretty neat effect, and aspects of the card do allude the planned production.

This will be the last Theremin-X update. Rest assured though that project is bringing together some really great people and is shaping up to be very interesting.