I made a sculpture. It’s titled “Rabbit”. It’s a silver plated rabbit. I find it to be a good art.

This is my response to something that happened back in May. Truth be told, I actually originally wanted to respond with a big silver sculpture of Foghorn Leghorn. It would have been titled “Cock”. Its primary appeal would have been that the owner of the piece could exclaim, “Oh ain’t this conspicuous!” while showing off their giant silver “Cock”, but I was concerned that highbrow stuff like that would be far too subtle for your average consumer. Plus, you know how expensive it was to just plate this six inch long rabbit‽ Very. That just proves it is a good art though. Even so, an eight foot tall stainless steel rooster was out of the question.

So instead of mocking those who invest in shiny bunnies, I decided to try recasting the silver rabbit as a celebration of something beautiful. To that end, thought I: now if I could put something up on a pedestal for the world to ooh and ah over and value for mega bucks, well, that thing, I guess it’d probably have to be female pleasure. And I thought that thought post ironically because this is the Rabbit I believe in, this is the Rabbit we need. Screw your dumb bunny anyways; at least this one makes you feel something.

Too subtle? Probably, but damn ain’t it conspicuous.