In The Walls 1.3: The balls to the walls update

That’s not the official subtitle. For one, I’m pretty sure the App Store wouldn’t allow it. Nor do I at all endorse using In The Walls for any sort of X-rated, third dimensional, AR peacockery.

However, if you’ve ever wanted to go quite literally balls to the walls, then In The Walls 1.3 certainly has you covered. And the fun does not stop there either! For with the new update, you can put your hands, feet, ears, biceps, shoulders, navel, and even buttocks on the walls thanks to the wonders of AR.

To get started, tap the face icon in the bottom bar and select the “Face” tab. If your device has a True Depth camera, then you should see a new “Depth Snapshot” face effect available for $0.99. Depth Snapshot uses your phone’s front facing camera to capture a 3D snapshot of the current scene which can then be projected on the walls.

I swear my ass is not nearly this large or lumpy in real life

Besides allowing you to put your butt on walls—which, let’s be honest, is probably what you were thinking of doing too—the Depth Snapshot effect also better captures your facial structure, expressions, hair style, and clothing. This makes the wall face much more recognizable as you. Unlike the normal face effects, it isn’t limited to human faces either: you can capture pets, objects, and more. So many possibilities! And who knows, there may even be some good possibilities scattered in there among all the bad ones!

So give the new update a try and let me know if you come up with any fun (PG rated) uses of the Depth Snapshot feature.