In The Walls 1.2: The Express Yourself Update

In The Walls 1.2 is now live. This update adds pre-recorded expressions, which significantly improve the experience on older phones while also offering a nice alternative to realtime face tracking on newer devices.

As a quick review: In The Walls is an iOS augmented reality app that lets you push your face out from behind real world walls. Phones with TrueDepth cameras use realtime face tracking for this. Check out the original announcement for more info.

In keeping with the Halloween theme, this update video was recorded in an actual ghost town

With the 1.2 update, you can now tap on the face icon in the bottom bar to pick from around twenty pre-recorded expression animations. These animations range from simple nods to singing. Once selected, the animation plays in an infinite loop while you take photos, record videos, and adjust the lighting. Most of these expressions also support adjusting their extrusion (the distance they are pushed out from the wall) by tapping on the dial icon in the bottom bar.

This update was primarily aimed at improving In The Walls on older devices. Previously, devices without a TrueDepth camera (such as the iPhone 6s and all of the current iPads) used a static face model, which got the concept of the app across but was pretty boring. These pre-recorded expressions should bring the app to life a little more. They can also be an easy alternative to real time face tracking on newer devices.

Browsing and selecting an expression

Naturally you can also purchase expression packs. The 99¢ Halloween pack includes some screams, some scares, and some vomiting. All good fun! I plan on adding more built-in expressions and expressions packs too, so let me know if you have ideas for what expressions to add. I imagine that we should be able to cover the entire range of human expression within fairly short order. Also, be aware that until you purchase an expression pack, you are henceforth banned from using any of the expressions it contains, both within the app or in real life. You need to pay up to express yourself (stay tuned for the “hats” update…)

So give the new In The Walls release a try and let me know if you have any feature requests or feedback!