Code 2020

It was strange waking up this morning not having to record a new Code 2020 tip. Recording these daily one to two minute long videos has been part of my routine for the last year, ever since I committed way back in December 2019 to posting daily VS Code tips and tricks for the next year. A year sounds short in January. It started feeling pretty long by June, and god damn if 2020 wasn’t a leap year too.

But here we are! I certainly didn’t foresee 2020 going like this, but Code 2020 made it through nevertheless. We all made it through. If anything, the regularity of creating Code 2020 content is one of the things that kept me going through the year. It’s nice looking back and seeing the small library of VS Code content that I’ve built up. I hope it will continue helping people around the world well into 202X.


For me though all this content is, in some respects, more of a nice side effect of what was always a personal challenge. I created Code 2020 to challenge myself. I wanted to see if I could stick to a daily posting schedule. I wanted to improve my communication and social media skills. VS Code was a perfect subject for this challenge because it’s used by everyone from students to industry veterans. It also has a surprising amount of depth (and I should know since I work on VS Code, although Code 2020 was never a work thing). Heck, even I learned some new things about VS Code along the way!

What brings us to what’s next. While I feel I’ve gotten what I wanted to out of Code 2020, that doesn’t mean I’m done with VS Code tips. There’s plenty more to cover. However I am done posting daily tips. It will be nice not having a schedule for a while. So while I won’t make any commitments on when to expect new tips, I do still plan on sharing any interesting tips I think of (PS: I’m always looking for tip suggestions too!)

Of course if you want more tips right now, there’s now also a back catalog with a year’s worth of tips to check out. I also recorded a few long videos that go deep on specific areas of VS Code such as theming or layout.

And last but certainly not least, what about the name “Code 2020”? Well, I’m sticking to it, although I am retconing it to refer to 20/20 vision instead. Code 2021 or Code 2023 just doesn’t have the same ring. I originally picked Code 2020 because it sounds like an Italian Sci-fi film or 90s film about hacking. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a proper Code 20/20 logo that pays homage to one of these fine genres too. Sounds like a new challenge for 2021!