I'm Only Dancing So That I Can See the Rainbow

Using the power of dance to modify my vision

Failures in Oral Fixation

Mounting a camera inside my mouth for a regressive jaunt into inner space


git commit -am “go west”

Eggplant Eggplant Eggplant

With apologies to Spider Jerusalem

Living Vicariously Through My Selfie Stick

And why selfie reality is the bestest reality

Beyond the Void Star

Happy Halloween!

I Don't Know How We Can See Each Other Through All This Blood

Using my heartbeat to modulate my vision

Akh 3 – The Splittening

Version 3 of the Akh Javascript monad transformer library

My Hands Become My Eyes and an Uncanny Adventure in Literal Navel-Gazing

A surreal trip into the perils and possibilities of modded reality


Gifs with every color, from 0x000000 to 0xffffff